Braj has close to ten years of rich experience in BI & Analytics. His current work involves conceptualizing, architecting and developing solutions using Big Data, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, and Cloud Computing. He loves to code and enjoys creating prototypes to present his ideas to business/team.

He has been hugely appreciated for his approach to see technology as a complementary force to business processes in achieving organizational goals. He is very observant and experimentive. His ability to spot opportunities to build frameworks & tools by generalizing point solutions and automating repetitive tasks pertaining to client and in-house processes have been very valuable.

He has worked extensively in product engineering building numerous analytical frameworks in various roles from developer to technical product manager. He has been involved in all major phases – feature research and prioritization, product specification & wire-frame development, technology selection and project management.

He is professionally interested in distributed computing, IoT and machine learning.

He also loves reading (philosophy, history, business, poetry, science etc.), watching movies and listening music.